37 exceptional free wine bottle mockups for wineries

 37 exceptional free wine bottle mockups for wineries: You can easily emphasize the smoothness of a wine bottle with an impressive label. Of course, with a label, you can follow the minimalist style or go completely against the grain. What best represents the brand and test using this wine bottle.

With the design ready,

you just upload it to Placeit and the rest becomes history. You can still make a photo-realistic presentation of your design for your client or clients, without the need to use photo editing software. Keep in mind, you can also change the color of the label and add a text overlay.

Mockup of a set of bottles of wine

A full wooden box of wine bottles is readily available to present your label in the best and life-viewable way. With the quick upload feature, you can now attach your design to all these bottles and see how the result will look.

No need to worry if the label will fit the bottle perfectly. With Wine Bottle Mockup, you can now try it first and make sure all ends in the correct order. Of course, you can test tons of different forms, compare them against each other and come up with the most notable wine labels.

Wine bottle mockup in a restaurant

To make things even more photo-realistic, use this wine bottle mockup and make a difference. In it, a young woman enjoys a glass of red wine in a restaurant, in front of a plate full of specialties. The wine bottle on the table can sport its label regardless of its design.

The work area is 600 x 1200 px and you can also change the color if necessary.

Last but not least, add some text and improve the presentation with a clear call-to-action. Once you are satisfied with the result, download it and use it for social promotion to impress your customer or other WhatsApp.

Rose wine bottle mockup template

For everyone who is specifically looking for a rose wine bottle mockup, here is the one and only thing you need. A beautiful template with a stunning, wooden table, strawberries, a glass of wine and your bottle. With a work area of ​​800 x 1200 px, you have enough space to show off your stunning label and amaze anyone who sees it.

Apart from a gorgeous bottle, the elegant label design is also important to the success of your wine. Of course, the taste and smell of the vine matters the most. However, you should not miss thinking about the details.

Mockup of a set of bottles of wine in a wine crate

Amazing close-up of a bottle of wine featuring two bottles on top of a full wine crate. In just two clicks, you can change the color of the label, as well as add your stunning design. Okay, that’s a lot of work that you need to do.

On Placit, everything is a little windy, and you do all the editing in the browser. You can also resize and change the image you have uploaded or simply leave it and see what the result looks like. You can always repeat the process and try all sorts of different types.

Download Grape Wine Bottle Design PSD Mockup

Each special occasion calls for special wines that can make it extra special. This is why many entrepreneurs like to create amazing wine products for different occasions. When it comes to packaging labels, they should be comfortable as it can be used for branding. Here is a grape wine bottle mockup in PSD that can improve your design for wine packaging labels.

It has 2 wine bottles which are completely customizable with a smooth and elegant look and a blurry bottle as the backdrop. The Smart Object layer makes it easy for you to insert your own wine labels on the body and neck of the bottle and see what elements you should enhance. Indifferently, all elements of the scene can be reproduced or removed as you wish. It is ideal for branding, advertising, promotional banners and other marketing strategies.

Wine Bottle Box Packaging PSD Mockup for Free

Wine products deserve an effortless and attractive design to entice customers. In addition, labels can serve as an effective brand promotion for your products. So, if you are working with wine packaging, never skip this wine bottle mockup.

It has 4 different views of wine packaging in PSD including wine bottle and box packaging beneficiary. Each item has smart object layers for easy design insertion. You can add designs on the neck and body of the bottle with visible sides of the box. You can also change the color of the bottle to match with your designs.

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