37 Excellent Mockups For Effective Brand Promotion

Whether you are a sock company or you are planning to start a sock line, make sure you try a bunch of variations with a dedicated leech first. Having said that, go to the placit platform, import your design and see a realistic presentation of it.

This particular solution has a three-color surface / background,

which you can completely change according to your color preference. You can also change the color of the sock and attach a message through the add text function. Considering all the tasks, you do it without the need to leave the browser. You can do a lot with one simple thing.

If you are designing male socks,

you can use this mockup template and present a possible result almost immediately. After all, if you have the design ready, you can import it into Placit with one click. Keep in mind, you can also upload two different designs for the left and right sock.

The allowed work area is of dimensions 750 x 1700 px.

In addition, you can change the color of socks, pants as well as two backgrounds. Make presentations that will boost everyone’s curiosity and sales through the roof. Thanks to the quick editing process, you can also come up with many variations first and go from there.

This Socks mockup allows for a fun presentation of the sock design you are working on.

To help your customer better imagine their idea, this is the template that will definitely do the trick. It features a person jumping from socks, with a multicolored backdrop. To be more precise, there are four different backgrounds, all allowing you to edit the color that suits your taste.

In fact, with mockups,

you can create a very colorful presentation that will amaze and impress everyone. Import the design of each sock and you are done with the work. Simple, quick and very beginner friendly if you will.

Here is a nifty, simple, yet impressive,

mock mockup featuring two pairs of socks hung on a rope. Of course, you can go completely against the ideal and use the template to visualize four different sock designs. After all, each sock has its own individual upload feature that offers you to quickly enrich the appearance with its stunning designs.

Very convenient, actually.

Each sock’s work area is 750 x 1700 px dimensions. You can also change socks and background sarees. With awesome customization features, you can follow your branding rules accurately.

If you are on the hunt for a striking sock mockup that will immediately alienate you from the public,

then you came to the right place. This colorful solution creates a vibrant and energetic environment that everyone will love. With the color of the socks, you can change any shade you like with a six different background.

Keep things by default or elevate things and release your creative animal.

You can expect a one-to-one presentation of your sock design that will intrigue everyone. Of course, you can upload a different design for the left and right sock, or keep things in harmony.

Socks are perfect for pairing with sports shoes and dress shoes.

They are also useful for achieving a sweet, restful sleep. This is why they are one of those apparels that are not obsolete. If you are one of the designers working with sock labels, you can grab this free sock label mockup in PSD.

It is perfect for branding, marketing and refining its sock labels. The mockup displays three pairs of socks that are neatly arranged one after the other. In particular, you only need to upload your design to the smart object layer and it will reflect on three pairs of socks.

Your feet need the rest they need. Whether you are in sports,

wearing your favorite dress shoes or you are going to sleep. If you need one for your new Sports Sox project, you should acquire this free athletic team Sox mockup in PSD. This mockup lets you customize almost all parts of the socks.

You can add patterns on the foot, foot, insert your branding or logo on the side and side of the cuff through the Smart Object layer. This is also possible if you want to replace the toe and the heel of the short row.

Updated: October 17, 2020 — 6:39 pm

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