30 excellent skateboard mockups for graphic design

 30 excellent skateboard mockups for graphic design: When installing a skateboard design, pop it with a mockup template. On the other hand, you can use skateboard mockups for promotion on social media or even in your online store. To create a life-like presentation, here features a young skater girl.

Along with adding your design, you can also change the color of the skateboard, wheels and shoes. Make it follow your branding rules accurately and strike everyone with your new skate design. In addition, you can also add a text overlay in the form of a call-to-action or any other message you want to share.

Skateboard mockup featuring a male skater

Another dope skateboard mockup of a male skater at Cement Skatepark, enjoying himself and the sun after landing a sick new trick. Somehow, this same friend can now represent your brand on their deck. Above the placit, you simply upload your design (300 x 1100 px) and see that it will immediately appear on the skate.

To top it all, you can also customize the color of the wheels and the color of the skateboard.

With a little work, you can now make a presentation of your brand new board, which you will feel during a professional photoshoot. Get the word out now and make a difference.

Skateboard featuring a young woman

An almost silly skateboard mockup of a young woman making a funny face. However, it can be the main attention-grabber with your excellent new skateboard design. Hey, you can just go to Placit to insert your design and see that it will appear directly on the board.

Knowing this, you can quickly test a whole bunch of different forms until you find the one that suits your style best. Do not forget to change the color of the board and wheels, as you can also with a simple click. You can now create a realistic appearance of your new skate deck, without the need to leave the browser.

Joke of a rebellious man holding a skateboard

Keep your new design presentation at the highest quality level with this skateboard mockup. A tool that is super easy and simple to use, yet the result will look very professional. Also, you don’t need to take a photo to be photographed nor a model,

with mockups, you simplify the process for the same amazing results.

You do not understand better testing this nifty solution to represent your brand or even your artwork in the best possible light. If you have a design ready, the whole process takes you a few clicks.

A joke on a woman holding a skateboard in front of her face

If you plan to sell a skateboard, first make a photo-realistic presentation of the design to see how the designs work. You don’t have to feel immediately to try out all these amazing skateboard mockups available.

In a small breeze, you can now make life-like presentations come true.

In other words, use the upload feature to add your design, change the color of the wheels and deck and you’re ready to rock and roll. And if you want to share a message, you can also add some text. Make it yours and stand out from the public.

Skateboard mockup

If skateboarding is your passion, then you need to have the right skateboard to do the tricks you want to do. In addition, it would be best to use it with a design that you would be proud of. If you are a designer working with this sports material, then you should download this free unwritten skateboard design mockup in PSD.

This mockup comes with three different views of a skateboard in PSD files.

The first view has a zoomed in on the center part of the board, the second allows you to see the board on a top view and the last one where you can see the skateboard’s tail. Each of the views has a smart object layer so it is easy and fast to insert your artwork. If you will need a background color that will meet your needs, this mockup also allows you to choose one for you.

Skateboard mockup

To fully enjoy skateboarding, see to it that you have the proper equipment to fully protect and accomplish your goals. You can also choose the best designs that will represent your personality. If you have not found a design that suits your taste,

then you can make your own custom skateboard.

To do this, you can download this free cool skateboard design mockup in PSD to test your designs. The mockup comes with a customizable skateboard. In particular, you can use your design such as logo, quotation or any type of information on the deck.

Updated: October 17, 2020 — 6:37 pm


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