20 awesome free bootstrap navbar examples 2019

 20 awesome free bootstrap navbar examples 2019:This bootstrap navigation bar created by David Cochran is a very simple and modern boatbar template. This example looks modern due to the font style of the logo. The logo is centered on the webpage, it is placed above the navbar.

The navbar has menus that are linked.

This template, like all other templates mentioned in this post, can be easily customized. So if you need to change something in this boatbar or if you want to add something, you can easily do this by modifying the code.

Bootstrap Navbar by Gearstrap

This is a high-quality, free, bootstrap navigation example, created by a CodePen user with the username ‘GearMobile’. This boatbar looks fairly standard. It has navigation menus that link to webpages.

When you click on a particular menu, its background color changes to black. If you liked this boatbar, you can download it and use it on your website.

Navbar toggle show / hidden by clint bettigo

This is a wonderful navy blueprint created by Clint Betigo. As the name of this template states, the user can toggle it. You can show / hide it by clicking the arrow icon in the center. The navigation menu is placed to the right of the navbar.

The right choice of colors and appropriate icons have made Nebar stylish. At the bottom of the Nawab, there is a blue line. The boatbar feels very good because of this blue line.

Shrinking the bootstrap boatbar by Jay Holtslander

This is a nice, free, bootstrap made by Jay Holtslander. As the name of this template suggests, it shrinks as the page scrolls down. In other words, the navigation bar’s width is reduced when the page scrolls down.

As you can see from the screenshot of this template,

there is a space for the logo to the left of the boatbar. And to its right are the navigation menus. The color of the naubar is black while the texts on the naubar are white. Therefore the texts look bright.

Navbar transition on scroll by Simon Vrachliotis

As the name of this boatbar template states, if you scroll down the webpage you can see the transition effect. Scrolling down makes a beautiful transition. You can see a nice picture of nature in the Navbar. This photo has greatly enhanced the look of this template.

Responsible Navy by Eric Agulto

It is a high-quality, responsive boatbar template developed by Eric Agulto. In this example, you can see the navigation menu placed on the right side of the navbar. As it is a free template, you do not have to spend any money to use it on your website.

This boatbar looks cool, but if you wish, you can make appropriate-looking changes to your site. As it is an open-source template, you can view the code and also make changes according to your needs and preferences.

Navbar with search box demolished by Multoon Aokay

This newbie example comes with a collapsible search box. You can see the search form on the right side of the menu in the navigation bar. As you can see from the screenshot of this template, a sample brand name is placed on the left side of the boatbar.

You can see a small search icon in the top-right of the webpage.

When you click on this icon, the search form expands. And upon clicking the small icon to the left of the search box, the search box collapses.

As the search box is placed in the navigation bar, it saves webpage space and because of this search box the navigation bar also looks good.

Minimal Bootstrap Navar by Zachary Kahl

As the name of this bootstrap boatbar suggests, this is a minimal navigation bar example. To the left of the boatbar are navigation menus that are just icons. You can see the menu text by hovering your mouse over these icons. And there is also a search box on the right.

You can easily change the color,

appearance and shape by clicking the icon above the navigation bar. If you are going to use this template on your website, you will need to remove these icons.

The search form to the right of the Nawab has a search box which is a text field and also has a search icon. When you move your mouse over this icon, you can see an interesting visual effect, the search icon moves slightly.

Fixed boatbar

This is an amazing, high-quality bootstrap navigation bar template created by a CodePen user. As the name of this example states, it is a reactive and fixed boatbar example

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